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Paytel Referral &
Reseller Programs
Make Money Promoting and
Referring Paytel Numbers
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        1) Free referral program
                Make money as a Paytel affiliate
Takes less than 1 minute to signup. Paytel provides
referrers and affiliates with trusted tracking, 24/7 real-time
reporting and exceptional income.
Promote Paytel ads
Simply place our logo, banner ads or text links in
your email news letter, blog or website. Alternatively
you can invite friends to our free movie ticket
competition. It's easy!
Make money
You will automatically earn 50% commission or R180
per sale
from all the visitors who signup from your ads or
website. Each of your ads contains your unique referral code,
allowing you to track your sales and see which ads work best.
      2) Business opportunity
                R18,800 or R500 deposit.
Ongoing revenue & more money
Same work, lots more money. In addition to a R200 signup commission per customer, dealers also permanently earn on average 15c per minute (per month) on all the incoming calls received by all their customers (and all the customers of their own affiliates and agents). You can calculate the earnings potential by using the earnings calculator here>
Try before decide
Starting a business can be risky with almost 80% of new businesses failing in the first five years. Taking this into consideration we have developed this opportunity with a free trial which allows you to see if you can be successful even before you pay. During this 90 days time you can generate real income and get first hand experience (requires R500 refundable dep).
No Risk  Click here to estimate earnings >
In fact, with our system you have no permanently commitment until you are a 100% confident that you can make a success of it. If it sound to good to be true, its probably because you don't have all the facts yet! So try our 90 day risk free trial first hand and let the fact speak for themselves.
R 200 per customer signup &  R20 per customer on agent sales
+ 15c per minute,
per phone line, on all your customers for life*
   Earnings fact 1: Earnings fact 2:
  If you signup 1 small business
  that receives 40 minutes
  of incoming calls per day:
Based on earnings fact 1,
when signing up
similar paying customers:
    You earn R200 once-off
  + R126 per month
 You earn R 25,000 once
 + R 15,750 per month

* Per Month estimations/predictions are assuming that the customer keeps
using the service to receive phone calls for the estimated minutes every month.
15c per minute is an average /for life means for as long as the service is used.